Proxima CRO Sponsors Inventing Tomorrow, an Informational Resource and Podcast for New and Younger Inventors Driven to Build a Better Tomorrow
Platform provides a watering hole for education, information, inspiration, and discussion around the future of technology, devices, and entertainment
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HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The dawn of a new day begins today as podcast co-hosts Kevin Coker and Isabella Schmitt announce the launch of Inventing Tomorrow, an inspirational podcast and educational platform for new and younger inventors to translate ideas into products that enrich the world.

Sponsored by Proxima Clinical Research, a contract research organization based in Houston’s Texas Medical Center with deep expertise in bringing innovation to market, Inventing Tomorrow will build into a robust and easy-to-navigate library of information and resources to give new and younger inventors the courage and know-how to turn their ideas into inventions that enhance people’s lives.

“A timesaver from the traditional YouTube educational journey, Inventing Tomorrow is a curated auditory experience that takes the audience through the minds of inventors and CEOs,” says Brandon Clements, production manager and lead producer of podcasts. “Season one launches with discussions and analysis around the birth and management of ideas and intellectual property. Each season will delve into a vital component of the journey to market, broken down into digestible segments with take-aways for the audience to research and implement along their path to market.”

A highly produced podcast, Inventing Tomorrow will take listeners through a series of interview clips offering guidance on what’s important to understand and why, and how to apply the take-aways offered in each episode. Seasons will cover everything from ideas to intellectual property, goal setting, timelines, budgets, funding, pitch decks, relationships, and the journey of an emerging business and its products.

Inventing Tomorrow addresses the realities of bringing products to market. It’s not another corporate podcast of talking heads. It’s an ever-evolving, single-source platform where early-stage inventors can find reliable, insightful information and tips to remove the mystery and actually bring innovation to life,” says Schmitt, podcast co-host. “From the content to the guests to the analysis of the discussions, every aspect is designed to enlighten and empower younger inventor to take action with an arsenal of insights and information to navigate the journey more quickly and easily.”

The first episode of Inventing Tomorrow will drop January 19. Season 1 will feature clips from prominent CEOs and inventors from around the world sharing inspirational stories of taking their ideas from thoughts to riches, such as:

Nancy T. Chang, PhD, cofounder of Tanox, Inc, a biopharmaceutical company she grew from an idea to a substantial publicly traded company purchased by Genentech for $919 million in 2007.

Heather Underwood, fellow at Stanford Biodesign, CEO at EvoEndo, Inc., and serial entrepreneur who specializes in medical device startups.

Roy Beveridge, MD, senior strategic advisor at Avalere Health and former chief medical officer at Humana and McKesson /The US Oncology Network.

Inventing Tomorrow is an evolution of an idea to spark more innovation around the world and give younger inventors the courage, aptitude, and guidance to bring their ideas to reality,” says Coker, co-host. “Our intention is to make it the brand for inspiration and innovation. Social media will become a huge part as it develops into an educational platform for future creators to converse and receive quality insights and advice they can apply immediately to elevate their success along their journey to market.”

Download Inventing Tomorrow by following us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio or your favorite podcast platform, or find us on Instagram at @inventing2morrow. To become a guest or make topic suggestions, contact

About Inventing Tomorrow

Inventing Tomorrow is an educational resource for younger inventors to stay motivated along their journey to market. Sponsored by Proxima Clinical Research, a contract research organization with expertise in bringing hundreds of emerging companies to market, hosts Kevin Coker and Isabella Schmitt welcome a variety of guests with a singular goal: Inventing a better tomorrow, together. The inspirational podcast explores innovation in technology, devices, and entertainment. For more information, connect with us on Instagram at @inventing2morrow.


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